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If you live in or around Calgary, Alberta and need a home mortgage loan, then look no further than Fast Home Finance. Our Calgary home loan lenders group of mortgage brokers are here to offer you a first mortgage or additional mortgages on your existing home. Your current home’s equity (HE), the difference between its reasonable value and any outstanding liens against it, plays an important role in determining whether or not you qualify for a home equity loan / second mortgage. If you have placed a significant down payment on your home, already have more than two mortgages, or if your outstanding mortgages balance is less than your property’s value, our mortgage specialists can help you access your home’s equity. By contacting our Calgary home loan lenders, you can find out how much of your HE you can access, perhaps in as little as one day! Mortgage financing is extremely helpful for many reasons:

Home renovations / expansions
A home renovation or expansion is an investment which can add tens of thousands of dollars to your home sale asking price. With a mortgage from Fast Home Finance, you can renovate or add on to your current home to increase its value and easily make back the money you borrowed to do so!

Debt consolidation
If you have multiple outstanding debts, taking out one or more home equity mortgages allows you to combine your debts into one smaller, more manageable, and cost-effective payment. Please ask our Calgary home loan lenders for more information.

Bad credit
Should you own a home but have a poor or no credit rating, obtaining an adverse credit mortgage / subprime mortgage from Fast Home Finance can help you, regardless of your employment history!

Emergency situations
Have an emergency which requires access to fast cash? Applying for an HE loan with our Calgary home loan lenders can provide you with a short-term bridge loan. Short-term bridge home equity loans are also an ideal solution for those wishing to pay for a much-needed vacation, or purchase and sell a property within a fast turnaround period.

If you are an experienced home buyer in Calgary, a neighbouring city like Bragg Creek, Okotoks, Strathmore, Airdrie, or Cochrane, or an outlying rural area, you may qualify for one or more mortgages from Fast Home Finance. The capital from our low rate mortgages are sourced from such trusted home loan lenders as individuals or groups of investors who offer private equity loans. In addition to house mortgages, our Calgary home loan lenders can further assist you with:

Home mortgage refinancing
Our mortgage company’s home mortgage refinancing services will replace your existing mortgage or mortgages with new mortgages that have improved terms.

Loan on loan financing
Used to finance one or more loans, Fast Home Finance’s loan on loan financing is suitable for an individual home owner, or an interested group that includes the home owner.

Mortgage renewals
Our mortgage renewals extend or renew your mortgages terms with your home mortgage lenders.

Reverse mortgages
Ideal for veteran homeowners who wish to supplement their retirement income, our Calgary home loan lenders’ reverse mortgages will convert part of your homes’ equity into cash.

For additional mortgage information, to learn more about our home mortgage company’s many home mortgage services, or to apply for one or more mortgages, please get in touch with our Calgary home loan lenders today! In addition to bad credit mortgages, home equity mortgages, home mortgage refinancing, loan on loan financing, mortgage renewals, and reverse mortgages, our company also offers such exemplary financial services as home loan lenders, debt consolidations, and commercial loans.


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With many years of experience, Fast Home Finance delivers the best mortgages in Western Canada! Our team of Calgary home loan lenders offer home mortgages that are supported
by our home loan lenders and other mortgage specialists. In addition to home mortgage financing, our company can also provide you with debt consolidation
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